An Introduction to Encouraging Clicks

Paul Boag

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Hello! And a very warm welcome to this course on encouraging clicks, a guide to encouraging action without alienating your users.

I am enormously grateful that you are willing to spend your time on this masterclass and promise that it will help you improve your calls to action and other key metrics in a sustainable way.

I created this masterclass because I am fed up with the growing trend of using manipulation to persuade users to act on websites. Not only do I find it distasteful, but as you will discover it is unnecessary and bad for business!

In this course, I will show you a better way. A way to significantly improve your conversion rate through a better understanding of how users think, helping them make an informed decision, and showing them you put their needs first.

I will also teach you how to evolve your site over time to continually and incrementally increase your conversion through the optimisation of your calls to action.

In short, I will teach you all you need to know to start improving your conversion rate immediately and keep doing so over the long term.

I have split the masterclass into six sections. There is this introduction, which goes on to look at a few critical principles before we dive into the course proper.

Following that we explore how users think and take a more in-depth look at “ cognitive load”, one of the biggest reasons users do not convert.

After that, we look at how to persuade users in a way that leaves them feeling positive about your brand and even recommending it to others.

Once we have covered that we will take a look at creating compelling calls to action, including when to ask users to act, what copy those calls to actions should include and how we should go about designing them.

Finally, we will finish the masterclass by looking at how to evolve and optimise your conversion rate over time so that you can continue to improve conversion long after you complete this course.

The masterclass has over 30 lessons, and each video is mostly standalone. That means you could view the lessons in any order you like, or show a single video to a colleague without them having to watch previous parts.

Taking this modular approach also allows me to add more lessons later if appropriate. If I do, you will get immediate access to any new videos for free.

However, to get the most from the course, I recommend watching them in order, as some of the principles covered in later lessons build on ones that have gone before.

Finally, let me stress that if you have any questions related to this masterclass, please feel free to send me an email to I will do all I can to help you on the journey of encouraging users to act.

So, what are you waiting for! Dive in with your first lesson.