Accessibility advice for businesses

The British Standards Institute and Disability Rights Commission are soon to release the first formal guide for businesses on website accessibility.

Update: You can now download the guide for free here

The snappily named "PAS 78 Guide" is due to be released on the 8th of March and promises to provide "good practice in commissioning accessible websites".

I was encouraged to read that this guide is aimed squarely at businesses, with the emphasis on generating "return on investment". Hopefully, it will provide clear practical advice for businesses interested in making their sites more accessible, while also providing a compelling business case for those that remain unconvinced.

For more information on the guide contact; Corrine Erasmus on +44 (0)20 8996 7090. Alternatively, to order your copy call +44 (0)208 9969001.

Yes, I know it doesn’t sound like the most gripping read, but with luck, it will provide the ammunition you need to convince your bosses that accessibility matters.

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