Disney's UK online store sucks

Paul Boag

Today, I am ashamed to be British, no wait, that’s not right. Today, I am ashamed of an American multi national treating us Brits like second-class citizens. Yeah, that sounds better. Disney has launched their new UK store and has made an embarrassing hash of it.

A while back, you may remember I slated the National Trust for their new website. Well, that was nothing compared to the state of the new Disney site.

I am not going to list all the things that are wrong with it. Molly Holzschlag has done a great job of doing that in her open letter to Disney. What I will say is that the Disability Rights Commission estimate that disabled users in the UK have a spending power of £50 billion and I would be surprised if any of that make its way into the hands of Disney (at least not via their online store). If you have anything less that 20/20 vision, this site is going to be a challenge, mainly because 90% of the homepage is presented as images!

Come on people, I really thought that we had moved beyond this!