So You Want to Reach Digital Professionals?

If you want to reach a tech-savvy audience who are blind to traditional banner ads then I can help.

When you are trying to reach digital professionals, think beyond traditional online marketing. They are savvy, cynical and many block banner adverts and spam email. You need to take a more nuanced approach.

That is why I work with advertisers to find better ways of engaging with the Boagworld audience. I help them reach my 45,000 twitter followers or my 35,000 monthly visitors to this site. But I do it in a way that reflects well on your brand and engages (rather than alienates) users.

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Here are three approaches we could explore together.

1. Brand Building Through Podcasting

Unlike other forms of advertising, podcasts offer three distinct advantages:

  • It’s hard to ignore. I embed podcast advertising into the show. You can’t block them, and they are hard to skip. You can be sure the listener will hear about your brand.
  • You can say more. Traditional advertising does little more than grabbing a users attention. But on a podcast, you can directly tell the listener about your offering. Even a minute of airtime lets you say a lot about why your product or service is worth attention.
  • It is personal. There is something very personal about podcasts. The listener gets to know and trusts the host. They believe their recommendations and appreciate brands that support the shows they enjoy. That makes podcasting an excellent channel for building a connection with potential customers.

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2. Driving Traffic With a Sponsored Post

Although the tech-savvy audience Boagworld reaches does not respond well to traditional audiences, they are open to products and services that make their lives easier. The trick is introducing them to those products in a way that resonates. That is where sponsored posts can help.

The sponsored posts I write for Boagworld do not directly promote your product or service. Instead, they talk about the challenges that the product helps solve or provides advice in a related area.

As part of the post, I mention the sponsor’s product in passing, as well as including some direct promotional copy at the end. You can see an example of this approach here.

The post itself then gets extensive promoted. It appears on the Boagworld homepage, in my RSS feed and also in my bi-weekly newsletter, which has well over 8000 subscribers. Most importantly it gets promoted a minimum of five times over a period of a month to my 47000+ social media followers.

The result of this intensive promotion is that a post like an example above will see well over 8000 user sessions over its lifetime and even more if it ranks well on Google.

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With the rise of ad-blockers and banner blindness, you need a new approach to online advertising.

3. Getting Creative With Guerilla Marketing

But podcast advertising and sponsored posts are just the tips of the iceberg. There all kinds of original and creative ways we can promote your product or service. Just some of the approaches I have used before include:

There are hundreds of possibilities. If you are up for something a little more creative, get in touch.

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