Creating an Outstanding Digital Experience that Transforms Your Bottom Line.

If your digital channels are failing to create a significant return on your investment, then I can help through conversion rate optimisation, user experience design and digital transformation.

My name is Paul Boag. I am a User Experience DesignerService Design Consultant and expert in digital transformation*. I help not-for-profits and businesses improve the digital experience of their users. I have helped many universities, large charities and enterprise-level businesses. Helped them adapt to the changing needs of their digitally savvy audience.

*What the heck is digital anyway?

My Approach

What benefit I bring

I can help you form your service design strategy. To move from managing digital services on an ad-hoc basis to having a clear vision. A roadmap and strategy that allows you to become user-centric. After all user-centric organisations outperform the competition. They have better reputations and attract more support.

I can help change the culture of your organisation and make your strategy a reality. Becoming a user-centric organisation takes organisational change. Digital has changed the world and organisations need to adapt. But that is not always easy to do from the inside. That is where I can help.

I can provide ongoing support for digital leaders. Digital transformation into a user centric organisation takes time and a lot of effort. It involves hundreds of decisions and discussions everyday. Having an outside expert you can turn to makes all the difference.

I can help educate management and colleagues about the benefits of becoming user-centric, service orientated and digital first. I can provide training that will help colleagues adopt best practice. But I can also present to management to convince them of the need to change.

A Passionate Educator

Although my main work is on strategy, I am also passionate about sharing best practice. I write for many publications about user experience and digital transformation. But I also spend a significant part of my time providing training.

If you want to educate an audience about best practice in either user experience or digital, I would love to speak to you.

Gerry McGovern

Paul is one of the smartest, most passionate, most generous people I know in the web / online industry. He is truly committed to helping organisations become simpler and more customer-centric. Gerry McGovern

Who I am helping

Most of my work is in the not-for-profit sector, but I do take on commercial clients too. In particular, I specialise in government bodies, higher education institutions and larger charities. But I also help those who run digital service companies. Whether you run a web design agency, offer content strategy services or work as a freelancer, I can help. I even work for web startups. I can help build your reputation, grow your business and achieve your business goals.

Just some of the organisations I have worked with recently:

What makes me qualified?

Good question! In fact there are few others who have my depth of knowledge in digital transformation and user experience. Especially within the not for profit sector.

Just some of the reasons people choose to work with me include:

  • I have been doing this a long time. Over 20 years now!
  • I have worked with organisations like the BBC, European Commission and UCAS.
  • I am a published author who has written five books on various aspects of user experience design.
  • I speak on user experience and digital transformation all around the world.
  • Clever people seem to think I contribute something of value.

The problem is the longer I work in digital the less I know for sure. I don’t have any magic answers. But I do have tried and tested processes and methods for success.

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