Chief Digital Officer as a service

Does your organisation recognise the need for somebody with digital expertise at a senior level? Do you want to improve your customer experience strategy? It is time to get the help you need.

Digital has changed our world. It has changed consumers and it is changing business. You need that represented at the executive level. Some call it a Chief Digital Officer (CDO), others a Chief Customer Officer. There are many names. Whatever the name, you need an understanding of digital and connected consumers on your board.

But finding those people is hard. It is even harder to pay for another full-time executive. Instead, consider outsourcing the position.

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I find discussing issues and ideas with [Paul] very fruitful given his depth of knowledge and he can prove a very useful foil while debating issues as he is capable of passionately arguing his point of view… Duncan Ireland (University of Highlands and Islands)

How does it work?

Instead of hiring a full-time director you pay a monthly retainer. A retainer that secures access to customer experience knowledge and digital expertise on demand.

I can fulfil many of the responsibilities of a full-time executive officer, but at a fraction of the cost. I can:

  • Attend board meetings.
  • Develop strategy.
  • Put in place governance.
  • Oversee your in-house digital team.
  • Help with recruitment of digital staff.
  • Contribute a digital and experience perspective to broader company strategy.

Most of all I can bring my expertise and experience to the organisation. I can be an advocate for the connected consumer and ensure you consider digital in all decision making.


Paul is a thought leader within the web design industry. When we cross paths at web design conferences, I always make sure to extract as much of his wisdom as possible! Mike Kus

But this is a role that I can tailor around your needs. I will focus on helping you address your specific problems. I can work both remotely or in person, depending on your requirements.

What benefits it will provide

In short, it will give your organisation a significant competitive advantage. Digital is disrupting every sector and yet there are few senior executives who have an understanding of its role. I doubt your competition will have that kind of advantage.

Digital has the potential for you to move faster, be leaner and provide a superior offering. All you need is somebody with the experience to make that happen.

Why me?

I have worked with hundreds of organisations helping them improve their digital offering. This means I am used to operating at an executive level.

I am an expert in digital transformation and author of Digital Adaptation. I speak around the world on improving the user experience and building a customer-centric culture.

I am also well known and respected in my field. If you mention my name to another digital professional, there is a good chance they will have heard of me. After all, I have been doing this for over 20 years and speaking for over 10 years.

Paul Boag Speaking
I speak all over the world on digital transformation and building user centric businesses.

In short, you will struggle to find somebody with as much expertise in digital and customer experience.

Get in touch

If this sounds good then get in touch. We can discuss the challenges you face, the budget you have available and tailor the perfect approach for your situation.

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