Customer Experience Training: Creating an Outstanding Experience

My one-day customer experience training workshop will equip you with all the skills and tools you need to deliver a superior experience to your customers.

When the competition is a click away differentiation can be hard. Competing on price is a fool’s game and erodes margins. If you want to stand out from the crowd the experience you provide customers is everything. That is why you need my customer experience training workshop.

This workshop will show you how to create an outstanding customer experience whatever type of site you run. Customers who are more engaged and more loyal. Customers who will take action and convert.

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Who is the course for?

My customer experience training is for anybody responsible for a website which has to convert. Whether you are responsible for your own organisation’s website or building sites for others. Whether a project manager, designer, product manager or marketer. This course is for those who are passionate about creating a great customer experience that leads to real results.

Paul delivering his customer experience training
I always try to keep workshops fun and interactive. But most of all tailored to my audience.

Customer Experience Training Program

Zappos, Amazon, Apple and others know the secret to online success lies in an outstanding experience. An experience that differentiates them from the competition. One that makes interacting with them more pleasurable than going elsewhere.

My customer experience training will explore how these and other companies have succeeded. Succeeded in creating an engaging online experience and improve customer retention. You will learn how to apply what they have discovered to your own business with transformative effects.

What you will learn?

My customer experience training covers:

  • Understanding your customers.
  • Mapping the customer journey.
  • Creating content that engages with customers.
  • Designing effective calls to action.
  • Nurturing long term customer relationships.
  • Designing an experience across platforms.
  • Encouraging a company wide focus on customer experience.
  • Testing the experience.

Paul is awesome. He has a great way of presenting ideas that make them fun and understandable. Even better he always drives at an opinion or point of view on a topic instead of just trying to be neutral. As a result you get real insights… Patrick McNeil

How will we benefit?

When you have completed this my customer experience training you will be able to:

  • Present a compelling case for investing in customer experience to management and colleagues.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customers and what they want.
  • Use a wealth of techniques to delight your customers.
  • Test and iterate your online presence to fix any issues with the customer experience.
  • Work to improve the customer experience across platforms and business silos.

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