Delivering public sector digital services to connected citizens

Digital has changed the world and transformed how people communicate and live. In response to this new digital landscape, the public sector around the world is changing. Changing the way it engages with today’s connected citizens.

To offer outstanding digital services you have to do more than build great digital tools. You need an organisational culture that supports great experiences. In this workshop you will learn how to build that from the ground up.

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This one day workshop will introduce you to a new approach for delivering services to citizens. An approach which starts with citizens needs, rather than government structure. An approach that leverages the potential of digital to provide an outstanding experience.

This six hour workshop will cover the following agenda:

An introduction to digital transformation

The day begins by looking at the impact of digital on the world and how it has changed the expectations and behaviour of citizens. We will look at this new reality and how it affects the public sector. We will then look at what other government bodies are doing to adapt.

Understanding the citizen experience

We will spend most of the morning looking at techniques for better understanding the needs of citizens. We will look at user research techniques and how you can use these to inform the services delivered both online and off.

Best practice in building digital service

After lunch we will look at best practice in building digital services. This will identify shortcomings in the traditional way the public sector deliver digital services. It will then introduce you to a better approach. One based on experimentation, user testing and iteration.

Managing and supporting digital services

Finally, the day will end by looking at the ongoing management and support of digital services. This will address issues around content management, governance and strategy. In essence we will discuss how to build an organisation capable of supporting digital services.

Paul running a workshop
This one day workshop can layout a practical roadmap for change in your organisation.

What you will learn

This workshop will cover:

  • Defining digital and its impact on government services.
  • How digital has changed citizen’s expectations and behaviour.
  • How we can better understand today’s connected citizens.
  • Empathy Mapping and Customer Journey Mapping.
  • Agile development methodologies.
  • The benefits of an iterative development cycle.
  • Establishing a digital strategy.
  • Building a governance framework.
  • Managing digital services.

Paul is one of the smartest, most passionate, most generous people I know in the web / online industry. He is truly committed to helping organizations become simpler and more customer-centric. Gerry McGovern

How will we benefit?

When your team has completed this course they will be able to:

  • Better engage with citizens to understand their needs.
  • Map the customer experience.
  • Articulate the role of digital within your organisation.
  • Build digital services using latest best practice.
  • Develop a digital strategy for the organisation.
  • Create a governance framework.
  • Manage digital services so they remain focused on the needs of citizens.

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