My not-so-hidden agenda

I solve first world problems. But I don’t want to stop there. That is just the start of my ambitions.

I solve #firstworldproblems. I make those little user experiences better. I make dealing with organisations less frustrating and even special. I help organisations be a little more human and a little less… well… corporate.

And that is a good aim. After all we live in a stress filled world. Sure, our basic needs like shelter and food are never a problem. In fact our standard of living is an embarrassment. But we are a society plagued by pressure, depression and overwork. If I can make people’s lives a little easier that is good.

I am here to help not-for-profits

But that is not enough for me. I cannot solve first world problems without considering the more serious issues in our world. I want to help organisations who make a difference in the world. Organisations that solve bigger issues. Issues of education, safety, health and well being. That is why I work mainly for not-for-profits.

In fact I discount my rate for many charities. If you have a worthy cause. I will do my best to support it. But that is not enough either.

Making my profits make a difference

I want my business to make a measurable difference in the lives of people in poverty. That is why I give 10% of my companies profit to a small charity working with disadvantaged children in India.

It is not a charity you will have ever heard of. They only have a tiny website (I need to do something about that). They are just a family who wants to make a difference in the poorest parts of India. They run a school for local children and provide a home for children who have been abandoned. But their biggest passion is providing education for young girls in a country where girls are often pulled out of school and married underage.

Making corporate clients pay!

But that is still not enough. I want to give more than 10%. So if you want to work with me and you run a commercial company I am going to make you pay a premium. Any extra I charge above my normal rate is going straight to charity. Cheeky I know, but I am shameless when it comes to solving people’s problems. Whether that is your users problems or those in rural india.