Infoshare 2016

The following are my slides from the two presentations I gave at Infoshare 2016 in Gdańsk.

The Future of User Experience Lies in Your Hands

When you hear the words user experience most people mentally add the word designer on the end. But user experience is not just a design issue. Many people shape the users experience. People from across the organization. That means we need to start breaking down business silos and embrace more collaborative ways of working.

In his talk User Experience Consultant Paul Boag will place the future of user experience design in your hands. He will show how improving the user experience means companies must embrace digital transformation.Among other things you will learn:

  • How digital has changed customer behavior.
  • How organizations need to adapt their working practices if they are going to meet the needs of users.
  • Ways you can start working more collaboratively to bring about change.
  • But most of all, you will go away enthused about the potential of your work to change lives.

A non-designers guide to user interface design

A designer delivers a set of Photoshop documents. Now it falls to the rest of the team to make that vision a reality. But what about all the details the designer has ignored? What about those little interactions that make or break an experience? What about those error messages, animations and details that make all the difference?

In this workshop Paul Boag will show you how to enhance the experience of users after the designer has walked away.

  • Making user centric forms.
  • Improving the perception of speed.
  • Helping users when things go wrong.
  • How to deal with edge cases.
  • Using animation to create delight.
  • But most of all you will learn you don’t need a designer to tell you how to create a great experience!