Implement your digital strategy & change your culture

Executive support is not enough to make an organisation digital first. A strategy by itself will not create a culture focused on the user experience. Implementation will be everything.

Strategy: Research > Recommendations > Implementation

A good strategy will show the destination. It will even provide some waypoints along the way. But it cannot tackle all the details that make change happen.

Unfortunately this is where many consultants walk away. I believe that is a mistake. The devil is in the detail and many organisations need help making change happen. If that is you, I am here to help.


It’s been a pleasure working with Paul. He manages to be both supportive and challenging at the same time and has a very accessible approach. It’s been a really inspiring process and I would love the opportunity to work with him again. Jennifer Russell (The Samaritans)

Implementing strategy

There are no shortage of areas you might need support. My mentorship offering will help with many. But there are some areas where you might need something more.

Internal buy-in. Digital and customer expectations are forcing organisations to change. But getting colleagues to change can be hard. I can help you enthuse colleagues about the potential and educate them about what they must do.

Building the right team. For a user centric culture to flourish it needs the right people in place. From executive support through to digital specialists, people are everything. I can help you build that team from recruitment, to reporting and training.

Cultural change. Digital demands a new way of working. It means embracing experimentation, testing and iteration. A fast moving, agile culture. I can help establish new ways of working and a user centric culture. It won’t be easy, but it is possible as I explain in my book User Experience Revolution.

Governance. Every organisation has procedures around everything from finances to how you assess staff. Often these processes can hold back organisations in the digital age. I can help you identify problem processes and put in place new ones.

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I can help you put in place new governance and working practice to ensure your new strategy sticks.

Making the build happen

Many of the clients I work with on digital strategy begin with a specific digital service they want to improve (e.g. a website). They realise that they need to look at the bigger picture and that is where I get involved. But in the end they need to deliver on the original project and that is an area I can support them in.

Digital projects can be derailed because of many issues. Issues I have a lot of experience dealing with. Issues such as:

Resourcing. I can help you find the people to make a project happen. Whether that is finding an outside supplier or working with management to get approval for new staff. There are lots of ways to overcome your under-resourcing.

Politics. Projects often get bogged down in politics, culture and too many stakeholders. I have years of experience navigating these obstacles. But doing so in a way that leaves colleagues feeling engaged and not excluded from the process.

Interdependencies. Is your project on-hold until some other project is over? It might be the re-branding that has been dragging on for years or that new CRM which is running over budget. I can help uncouple your project and keep it moving.

Internal focus. You are looking to create a great user experience. But your colleagues are more focused on their internal agendas. They just lack a user centric perspective. I can help to realign their thinking to put the needs of users first.

User Experience Revolution Book Cover
Don’t let digital get crushed by the culture of your organisation. Too often politics, processes and an internal focus can stop change. But change is possible as I explain in User Experience Revolution.

Let me help

There are so many areas that can sink a good strategy. Don’t let that happen. Get in touch and let’s discuss how to keep things moving forward.

Let’s discuss implementation