Prototyping the Next Iteration of Your Site

If you are looking to boost your conversion rate or improve the experience of your users, then I can help using prototyping.

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Benefits of Prototyping

Don’t start making uninformed changes to your website, prototype first.

Prototypes Can Be Used to Win Over Others

Often the best way to win over stakeholders is to show them what they will get. People have trouble imagining what ‘better’ looks like. A prototype allows them to see it. It can sell the potential much better than any number of documents or presentations.

Prototypes Are a Better Functional Specification

People can leave a meeting thinking they agree and yet have different interpretations. The same is true with specifications. People can have different expectations about what you will deliver. But a prototype shows them exactly what they will get. They are not open to misunderstanding.

Prototypes We Can Test at Minimal Cost

Prototypes are a tangible representation of the final product. Although incomplete, they are good enough to test with real users. That means you will go into the project knowing your site will be a success.

The Right Approach for the Job

I can adopt a range of prototyping approaches based on budget and requirements.

Low Fidelity Wireframes

Sometimes all you need is a quick and dirty wireframe to test out an idea for a particular page. I can create low fidelity wireframes fast and arrange for inexpensive testing with real users.

Greyscale Prototypes

When you want to test the user’s journey through a site and its overall usability, a greyscale prototype can be invaluable. They also allow you to check information architecture and critical interactions.

High Fidelity Prototypes

When it comes to optimising for conversion, often a high fidelity prototype is the best. That allows you to test ease of use, but also how users respond emotionally to the design.

The Whole Package

With over 25 years of experience in the field, I have all the skills necessary to handle the entirety of the prototyping process.

Effective Design

With a design background, I know how to grab user attention and direct it on a website. I design accessible, usable and persuasive interfaces that focus your audience on taking action.

Compelling Copy

I am an expert in writing compelling copy for the web. That is why when I work on prototypes; I pay as much attention to the content as the design. Together with your subject expertise, we will craft a convincing message.

Robust Testing

Whether testing a static design mockup or a fully working prototype, I have years of experience in usability testing, both in-person and remotely. Most importantly, I know how to keep testing lightweight and inexpensive.

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