Research and Discovery

Before you can improve you must first understand the reality of your current situation. But different stakeholders know various parts of that picture. We need to bring it together into a single place.

Strategy: Research > Recommendations > Implementation

Many companies have a poor understanding of the user experience they provide and the digital services they offer. Different departments handle different parts of the journey and nobody has a complete picture of the user.

Without this kind of insight it is impossible to establish a way forward. That is why all strategic engagements I undertake includes a discovery phase.

In a research and discovery phase I undertake three activities:

  • Understanding the user.
  • Interviewing stakeholders.
  • Auditing digital services.

Understanding the user

With each department holding different information on the user, I begin by collating all the parts.

I then look for gaps in that knowledge. I address those shortcomings through analytics, surveys, interviews and workshops.

Once I have a complete picture of the user I feed this information back into the organisation. I often do this through empathy maps and customer journeys or some other form of visualisation.

A customer journey infographic can be a great way of communicating what I discover about users.
A customer journey infographic can be a great way of communicating what I discover about users.

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Interviewing stakeholders

Interviewing people from across the business helps form a picture of where it is in the use of digital and customer service. These interviews also help me identify cultural and political barriers to change.

The interviews identify opportunities for improvement, and for digital to better support the business. This information feeds into the strategic recommendations I make.

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Auditing digital services

Finally I audit the digital services to help the organisation judge the quality of existing offerings. This is a SWOT analysis of the organisation’s current digital position.

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