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Great content is a crucial component of your digital marketing strategy. But it is time consuming to produce and doesn't always have the reach you want. I can change that.

Are you a digital agency hoping to attract clients through blogging? Perhaps you are a publisher who is trying to reach digital professionals. Either way, I can help you by providing high-quality posts on many aspects of digital and user experience.

It is all about the quality

Getting people to write posts for you is easy and cheap. It is a buyers market. If you have an audience, people are lining up to write for you for free. If you are an agency, you can pay somebody to write content for peanuts. But will those posts be any good?

I am a professional writer. I have been blogging since 2005 and have published five books. I know how to write engaging, sharable content. I am also an expert in digital and user experience with over 20 years in the industry. I know my subject matter back to front.

I am a professional writer and author of five books including Digital Adaptation.
I am a professional writer and author of five books, including Digital Adaptation.

You will not get that kind of quality post on the cheap. I provide a high-quality product that reflects well on your brand. But it is not just about quality. I can provide reach too.

It is all about reach

You don’t just need great content. You need to put that content in front of the right people. I can do that because I have spent over ten years building an audience of digital professionals. The kind of readers and potential clients you are trying to reach.

So when I write a post for you, that is just the start. Every article I write is:

  • Featured on my blog that averages over 50,000 users per month.
  • Appears in my bi-weekly newsletter that goes out to over 6500 people.
  • Gets shared with my 46,000+ Twitter followers. Not to mention Facebook and LinkedIn.

For more on my audience and reach, check out my media pack

I don't just provide you with a quality post. I also help you reach the largest possible audience.
I don’t just provide you with a quality post. I also help you reach the largest possible audience.

Build your own following

Leveraging my network is a great start. But you want to grow your own reputation too. That is why I like to work with my client’s long term. Sure, I can write you a single post. But the real power is where we work together over a year, publishing regularly and building your readership.


Paul is awesome. He has a great way of presenting ideas that make them fun and understandable. Even better he always drives at an opinion or point of view on a topic instead of just trying to be neutral. As a result you get real insights… Patrick McNeil

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