Do you feel like the only person at your company who understands the competitive advantage a good user experience provides? Would you like to see change but cannot make it happen. Then User Experience Revolution is for you. A practical playbook to place the user experience at the heart of your business.

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Digital is not just another tool we can bolt on to our businesses. It has transformed our world and our organisations need to adapt to this new reality. This book introduces management to the steps they need to take. Steps to ensure their organisation succeeds in the digital economy.

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Older books from Paul

Client centric web design

Client Centric Web Design will propose a different model for building websites, one where the web designer and client work in a collaborative relationship. You will build better sites, projects will be more satisfying and clients will be happier.

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Building website for return on investment

Building websites for business’ uncovers the secrets of sites that successfully generate real return on investment. This book will enable you to transform your website from an expense to a measurable source of income.

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Website Owner’s Manual

Website Owner’s Manual is a book for the thousands of marketers, IT managers, project leaders, and business owners who need to put a website in place and keep it running with a minimum of trouble.

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Other resources

User Experience Culture Cards

Looking for practical tips on how to build a user centric culture in your organisation? This downloadable set of cards should inspire you and provide the techniques you need to make a real difference. Start winning over clients and colleagues today.

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Modernising Your Business

Digital transformation and user experience design are about modernising businesses. Modernising them to better perform in today’s market. But what does that mean in practice? What goes into modernising a business?

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Create a service manual. Save your sanity!

In-house digital teams face a whole host of challenges. Challenges that can feel overwhelming at times. But what if there was a tool that could help you address many of them? A service manual can do just that.

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