Digital is not just another tool we can bolt on to our businesses. It has transformed our world and our organisations need to adapt to this new reality. In this book Paul looks at what steps you need to take in order to ensure your organisation succeeds in the digital economy.

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Cover of Client Centric Web Design

Client centric web design

Client Centric Web Design will propose a different model for building websites, one where the web designer and client work in a collaborative relationship. You will build better sites, projects will be more satisfying and clients will be happier.

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Building websites for return on investment book cover

Building website for return on investment

Building websites for business’ uncovers the secrets of sites that successfully generate real return on investment. This book will enable you to transform your website from an expense to a measurable source of income.

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Website owners manual cover

Website Owner’s Manual

Website Owner’s Manual is a book for the thousands of marketers, IT managers, project leaders, and business owners who need to put a website in place and keep it running with a minimum of trouble.

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How to make your website more effective.

This presentation will teach you and your management team how to turn your website from an evil necessity into a key component of your businesses success. A component that generates real return on investment. At only 20 minutes long it is ideal for showing busy managers.

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Educating clients to say yes!

One of the biggest challenges of running a web design business is working with clients. Get it wrong and you will either find yourself in constant conflict with clients or being reduced to a pixel pusher. Get it right and you will escape the world of endless iterations and micro-managing clients. This video presentation shows you how to get it right, establishing a healthy working relationship with your clients.

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Fight the system: A guide for internal web teams

Do you work as part of an in-house web team? Are there days when even superman would fail to overcome the politics and bureaucracy? Get this video presentation and learn the super powers required to push your web projects through.

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How to build a service manual & save your sanity

what if there was a tool that could help you manage your workload, educate colleagues and convince management of the value of digital? In this presentation Paul explores a tool that has the potential to do exactly that.

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Free downloadable fact sheets

Where are my rounded corners?

Do you struggle to explain or understand why a website looks different in different browsers? If so, I might just be able to help.

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10 tips for ensuring a better site design.

How do you ensure you get the best design for your site possible? How do you cultivate the best working relationship with your designer? In short, how do you get your money’s worth?

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Manifesto for Digital Transformation

For us to be effective as web professionals our organisations need to adapt to the digital reality. But getting management to understand this is tough. That is where the manifesto for digital transformation comes in.

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