Digital Adaptation

A managers guide to preparing and adapting their company to the new digital landscape.

Are you frustrated that your management team doesn’t understand the importance of digital? Well, Digital Adaptation is the book for you and them!

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A book for the boss

Nothing is more frustrating than management stuck in the past. Stuck using dated workflows and inefficient processes. That’s why I created Digital Adaptation, the book your management team should read.

An introduction to digital transformation designed to help senior management. Help them adapt their business, culture, and structures to accommodate the new digital reality.

Digital Adaptation Book Cover
Digital Adaptation is designed to challenge management and encourage you.

A book for you too!

But this book is for you too. It will help you better communicate with your management team. It will show you how to introduce a better way to both them and your colleagues. Working process and best practice suited to the digital age.

It will show you how to be agents of change and encourage you that you can make a difference. If you are feeling demoralised in your job, this is the book for you.

Digital Adaptation Manifesto
Get a head start on presenting to management. Download our manifesto for digital transformation.

Why read this book?

If you’ve had enough of your co-workers and management not understanding the Web, Digital Adaptation is just what you need — ideas and concepts that you can put in front of senior management to make real changes. You’ll learn to:

  • Tackle bureaucracy and overcome legacy culture,
  • Develop a flexible and effective digital strategy,
  • Use responsibility matrix to minimize delays and costs,
  • Adopt a digital culture and become digital by default,
  • Apply techniques from mid-sized and large organizations,
  • Avoid toxic practices and improve internal processes,
  • Organize teams and boost their efficiency,
  • Embrace social media and use them effectively,
  • Understand the value of a digital team and invest in them,
  • Break down the walls and nourish collaboration, ownership and innovation.

Don’t struggle alone

Getting management to take digital seriously is tough. Digital Adaptation will make all the difference, but it isn’t a magic bullet. Sometimes management need to hear an outside voice and that is where I can help.

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