Web Design Podcast (11) – Benefits of blogging

Paul Boag

This week we look at blogging. Is it just a cheap form of therapy for those who feel a need to unburden their emotional problems, or is it a powerful marketing tool for increasing your businesses exposure.

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Below is a brief outline of what was covered in this show as well as links to more information where appropriate


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Blogging – the benefits to business

Why blog?

  • Blogging adds content rich in keywords to your site so increasing your ranking on search engines
  • Blogging encourages the creation of non-marketing content which people will actively want to link to. The more links, the better your search engine ranking.
  • Blogging ensures your site always has fresh content that in turn encourages repeat traffic.
  • Blogging builds a personal relationship with your readers and fosters trust.
  • Blogging provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your experience in the sector you are trying to reach.
  • Regular blogging increases the amount your site is spidered by search engines so ensuring your content appears on them faster.
  • Blogs are indexed and listed on exclusive blog directories so exposing your site to a wider audience.
  • Blog software also produces web feeds, which come with their own unique set of benefits.

Objections to blogging?

  • You cannot customise your blog to integrate with the rest of your site.
    This is simply not true if you select the right blogging software. Do not settle for second-rate blogging applications just because they are free.
  • It’s too much work to maintain a blog.
    Yes, it is true that a blog takes time and effort, but then so does every other form of marketing. If you spend the time to blog regularly, you will see a return on investment.
  • We expose our trade secrets to the competition.
    This is true but you also expose your knowledge to potential customers. The benefits of one, outweighs the other.

Many of these points are expanded the boagworld.com post on the benefits of articles.