138. Freeform

Paul Boag

In this week’s show the entire boagworld production team answer listener questions.

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We were really excited to have all of the boagworld production team in one place. This included…

They came to visit myself and Marcus at the Headscape office, so we thought we should record a show at the same time.

Obviously, the normal format was not going to work with 5 people, so we decided to do something different. This week’s show is a panel based question and answer session. All the questions were submitted by listeners and thanks so much to those of you who took the time to send them in. Sorry we didn’t manage to do them all.

The show was recorded live and so is a little rough around the edges. I apologise if the audio is not up to our normal standard.

Also, because of the somewhat chaotic nature of this week’s show there are no show notes. Apologies to those of you who follow the show in written format. Normal service will resume next week.

Head Conference

For those of you waiting for the boagworld discount to the Head conference, your wait is over (almost!). On Friday 10th October for one day only the price is going to be slashed by 20%. You don’t need a discount code. Just visit the site on that day and buy a ticket.