157. SXSW09

Paul Boag

On this week’s show: Andy Budd, Daniel Burka, Jeremy Keith and Joe Stump answer listener questions in a live Boagworld special from the floor of SXSW.

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Each year the brightest minds in the web design industry assemble in Austin Texas at SXSW. Never ones to miss a chance to hang out with the cool kids, both myself and Marcus have also attended for the last coupe of years.

The panel at Boagworld Live

This year we thought we would record a live podcast while at the event. We begged a room from the lovely people at SXSW and bullied some web celebs into coming onto the show to answer questions.

For an hour our 4 guests answered all kinds of questions sent in by email, submitted via chat and from the audience that attended.

The guests included…

Questions ranged from ‘if you were a web app which web app would you be’ to ‘when can we drop support for IE6’. The debate was lively with lots of good humour and differences of opinion. With over 60 people there the atmosphere was great. Thanks so much to everybody who attended.

With 4 guests as well as myself and Marcus, we felt it was too much to ask of our transcribers to do the whole show. I therefore hope you understand the lack of transcript. If we can we will add one at a later date.

Thanks to Zeke Franco for the photograph