200. A taste of the show

Paul Boag

This week’s show gives you a taste of the live 12 hour marathon that took place to celebrate the 200th Boagworld.

Unless you have been completely ignoring me for the last few weeks, you will know that on the 12th February we streamed a marathon 12 hour live show to celebrate the 200th episode of the boagworld podcast.

Us recording the 200th Boagworld

It was an amazing time with an incredible line up of guests. Everybody was incredibly enthusiastic to be involved and I want to thank them for giving up their time for free.

Feedback has been incredible and I want to particularly thank those who sent emails and tweets congratulating us on the show. My favourite comment came from the forum

I wasn’t expecting to attend a premier web conference with leading authorities in their specialties. Yet, what I received was a top-notch virtual web conference that rivals anything I’ve attended in the past. And it was FREE. I’ve been talking about it with colleagues ever since.

But I missed it!

Unfortunately, not everybody has 12 hours to sit down and listen to a live boagworld show (bizarre I know)! However, we also know that you don’t want to miss out which is why we are releasing the show in 3 formats.

The Taster show

This week’s podcast is a one hour ‘clip show’ that gives you a taste of what the 12 hour marathon was like.

Download the taster show.

The whole thing!

We didn’t really intend to release the whole show but you guys seem to want it so here it is. Please note however, that the quality is very low. We had to keep the file size down to spare our bandwidth.

Download the entire 12 hour podcast (in low quality audio)

The individual interviews

We will also be releasing the show as a series of bitesize interviews including full transcripts for those unable to listen to audio. These will take time to put together. However, they should become available over the coming weeks.

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I hope you enjoy the 200th show and normal service will be resumed next week.

Paul looking tired