201. Are clients stupid?

Paul Boag

This week on Boagworld: We review the freelancing book Noded, discover a new web tool called ‘Support Details’ and Paul tells us all a story.

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This week in web design

This week: Why speculative work sucks, progressive enhancement explained, how to be different and should designers be able to code?

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Feature: Is ‘John the client’ stupid or are you failing him?

Meet John the client. John runs a reasonably large website. He is a marketeer who considers himself smart, articulate and professional. That said, he doesn’t know much about web design and so needs your help.

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Reviews: Noded and Support Details

This week we have two reviews for the price of one. First we review the freelancing book ‘Noded’ and then take a look at a useful web application called ‘Support Details’.

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