201. Are clients stupid?

This week on Boagworld: We review the freelancing book Noded, discover a new web tool called ‘Support Details’ and Paul tells us all a story.

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This week in web design

This week: Why speculative work sucks, progressive enhancement explained, how to be different and should designers be able to code?

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Feature: Is ‘John the client’ stupid or are you failing him?

Meet John the client. John runs a reasonably large website. He is a marketeer who considers himself smart, articulate and professional. That said, he doesn’t know much about web design and so needs your help.

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Reviews: Noded and Support Details

This week we have two reviews for the price of one. First we review the freelancing book ‘Noded’ and then take a look at a useful web application called ‘Support Details’.

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  • Sebastian Green

    It’s not coming up in iTunes yet?

  • Great podcast guys! Dealing with difficult clients is an everyday task like breathing or walking. But just like those everyday tasks, some of us do them well, and some still haven’t learned to do both at the same time. We as designers are tasked with helping clients communicate. If we fail to realize that from the beginning, then we will fail to help our clients achieve this goal.

    You talked about making assumptions about clients. Here is the one bit of advice I have is from what my grandmother taught me… never assume. It only makes an ass out of u and me.

    Thanks guys and keep ’em coming!!