202. Rocket Surgery Made Easy

This week on Boagworld: Steve Krug on monthly usability, Steve Marshall talks about form design and Paul rejoices over the new era for browsers in Europe.

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This week in web design

This week: the search for inspiration, using CSS3, ecommerce tips and why the browser landscape in Europe is about to change.

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Interview: Monthly usability testing with Steve Krug

Steve Krug, usability expert and author of “Don’t make me Think”, shares with us his unique approach to usability.

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Interview: Building better forms with Steve Marshall

Steve Marshall from Yahoo! draws on his many years of experience to share with us best practice in form design.

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  • Good interviews, but I had to comment because of the joke, it was hilarious, but I wanted kill Paul. Why so many interruptions?

  • Dave

    Not sure if it’s just me or not, but this week’s podcast does not seem to want to show up in iTunes… ?

    • Check again now dave. I have only just released it to iTunes.

    • Thanks for the update.. Listening to the show now!

  • Regardless of the interruptions of Paul the show is great!
    Keep talking people :)

  • Hi,

    Excellent show with two great interviews about important topics! The latter made think about ASP.NET websites and the screen reader form mode.

    It seems that depending of the way you do ASP.NET development (different frameworks and stuff) everything within the website’s BODY tag could be wrapped within a FORM tag. This could then cause a screen reader to go into the forms mode and the user could not access the contents before quitting the form mode.

    If I remember correctly Headscape does ASP.NET development so my question is do you happen to know whether this is a real issue or not? Does screen readers go into the forms mode automatically when they encounter this mandatory ASP.NET FORM tag?

    I did a quick (lazy if you will :-) ) search about the subject but didn’t come up anything conclusive so far. See http://www.webaim.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=85 for example.

    Is there something more to coding accessible HTML forms besides knowing how the screen reader forms mode works and how to use the FIELDSET, LEGEND and LABEL (for – id connections) elements correctly? Although this podcast is not focused on front-end coding I’d like to hear more about these topics in the show.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Josh

    Is it just me or is this podcast messed up? It keeps bouncing between two different audios…

  • Hi Josh, I am having the same issue. The content does appear to be overlapped. Sounds like an interesting podcast – perhaps they will upload it again and I can listen to it later.

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