204. SXSW 2010

This week on Boagworld: How to create the sxsw experience, pain free design sign off and Britt Selvitelle from Twitter talks about passion.

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SXSW – a unique experience

For me SXSW is a unique experience. Nothing is quite like it. In this post I ask why it is so special and look at how you can recreate the experience.

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Britt Selvitelle from Twitter talks about passion

Britt Selvitte from Twitter talks about enthusiasm, passion and just getting your web application up and running.

Read the interview with Britt

Pain Free Design Signoff

Getting design sign off for a website can be a painful process for both the client and designer. In his SXSW presentation Paul shares his secrets to a pain free experience.

Watch my SXSW presentation

  • Hey guys, thanks for mentioning our presentation, the Right Way to Wireframe around 9:30-13:00. Todd Zaki Warfel (@zakiwarfel) and Russ Unger (@russ) are the two guys who did the session you attended. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Really liked the pain free design sign-off section. Currently going through a design process and felt the 6 principles of collaboration will be really useful. Did you do a Q&A session after you’d finished? If so what were the key questions?

  • I have been thinking recently about the power of videos and I have been contemplating trying it out myself. As a poor college student, it is a pain to get access to decent materials but it is possible if the method is really worth it. It would be awesome if you guys could post an example of the approach you take!

  • Very late in listening to this episode, but the end section about design sign-off was very timely for me. I’ve had frustrating experiences lately, but I was able to pick up quite a few new practices with this episode. Thanks!