207. Content isn't compost

This week on Boagworld: The best wireframing tool available, do you need a content strategy and how to be the worse project manager ever.

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Web Design News

This week: How to be the worlds worst project manager and how to alienate visitors. Also, why FAQs are failing and why page weight still matters.

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Do you need a content strategy?

Are you investing in your content? Do you have a strategy? If not then help is at hand. You need a content strategist, but who are they and what do they do?

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Review: The best wireframing tool yet?

When there are so many wireframe tools that help plan your website, finding the right one can be challenging. However, I think I have found a real gem.

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  • I love Relly! Please have her back on =)

    • Trond

      Yup, she was a breath of fresh air. Now that we hear that Marcus is becoming old and fat, getting Elly on was a good thing. Now, how do we replace Mr. Boag :D

      Keep up the good work all. Listening to BoagWorld puts a smile on my face (… and makes people look weird at me on the bus…) :)


  • SF

    The section on page weight was entertaining, but …..
    There is a bunch of reasons why it’s important including (but not limited to) latency, size of js libraries add to weight etc. Plus creating fat pages is lazy. Perhaps you could be educational and teach about how many assets can slow things down due to latency,gzip and it’s impact, sprites etc. Then you could deal with some server side stuff and you have a useful section

  • Lien

    Hey guys,

    Just a reaction to notify you that the link in the rss-feed refers to the previous podcast (206) and not to this page.

    By the way: great show, listen to it every week.

  • Relly’s section was great, I love her passion for content and it has infected me. We are doing a re-design and I am definitely going to put the same effort into our content as we have done the design, functionality and UI.

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