208. My hosting company sucks!

Paul Boag

This week on Boagworld: Chris Lea talks hosting and customer service. Paul shares his wireframe commandments and we announce the end of Flash ;-)

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I wanted to quickly mention Get Signoff. In case you don’t know, Get Signoff is a web application developed by Headscape that allows you to present designs to clients and get their feedback.

For a long time it was a bit of a side project for Headscape but we have recently taken on Ryan Taylor to move it forward. He has been working hard and on the 27th April we have some fairly significant announcements to make about the products future.

To make sure you know whats going on, visit hello.getsignoff.com and signup for our mailing list.

Web Design News

This week: The dying art of design, the disappearance of flash, tasks not goals, twitters developer tools and google rank by speed.

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Chris Lea on hosting and customer support

Chris Lea works for Media Temple probably the best known hosting company within the web design world. He shares his advice on hosting and their experience of dealing with customer support.

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My five commandments for wireframing

When it comes to wireframes I am a fanatic. I believe they are an indispensable part of the development process. That is why I enforce 5 unbreakable rules.

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