209. Uncontrolled ranting

Paul Boag

This week on Boagworld: Don’t obsess over Google ranking, why mission statements must die and the decline of the homepage.

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Web Design News

This week: Is the homepage dying? Everything you need to know about HTML5 and CSS3. Solve problems rather than add features. And why you shouldn’t be tied to a process.

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Don’t lose perspective for the sake of good search engine placement

Admit it, you want to be number one on Google. We all do. However, if you let it become an obsession it can ruin your site.

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This week’s bounty: Online mission statements

Do you remember the cartoon Rabbit Fire where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck duke it out to declare what sort of hunting season it is, with Elmer Fudd chasing them to get something for his pot? Well, I declare a new bounty: Mission Statements.

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