210. Blue Smurf

This week on Boagworld: Apple make their stance on Flash clear, Francisco Tolmask talks about the work he’s doing with Atlas and we review Flowplayer.

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Web Design News

This week: Steve Job’s shares his thoughts on Flash, Ben Ward makes us understand the web and learn how to calibrate color for the web.

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Francisco Tolmasky talks about Atlas, Cappuccino and 280 slides

At the last Future of Web Apps Ryan and Stanton had a chat with Francisco Tolmask about the work he’s doing on Atlas, Cappuccino and 280 slides.

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Review: Flowplayer

Andy Wickes reviews Flowplayer the Open Source (GPL 3) video player for the web which can be used to embed video streams into your web pages.

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  • reki

    Hey i love the show and the concept of the content. But i would enjoy the content if i could hear it!! Someone, one host in particular that i dont know the name of, doesn’t speak into the mic properly. While everyone else in the panel is very audible, this one guy is a mouse. This forces me to increase the volume, but doing so makes the rest of the panel too loud to bear. I want to continue listening to your show, since you guys are very entertaining during the coding sequences of my mundane programming job. But if this poor quality of audio engineering doesn’t get an upgrade, you sadly will be losing a fan. Im rooting for you guys!! Dont do this to yourself. Come back from the light…

    with warm regards,

  • Jack Watson-Hamblin

    Where was Paul Boag and Marcus this week! :)

    Loved the show Ryan and Paul Stanton (sorry if I misspelled that)… but it’s just not the same without Paul Boag and Marcus jabbering on about nothing between the actual stuff, it was so short this week. Haha

    I probably missed a note at the end of 209 or something… but I was like… “different music… no Paul and Marcus… did someone hijack Boagworld??”

    Love the podcast guys, been listening since like 52 or something, loved having Ryan and other Paul on, they were brilliant (need to talk about more nothing but XD).