211. Give your users a nudge

This week on Boagworld: Dustin Diaz from Twitter talks about Javascript and we look at how to nudge our users in the right direction.

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Web Design News

This week: Engaging and helping your users, the power of habits, why business writing is so awful and things to do at the beginning of each project.

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Dustin Diaz on Javascript and coding at Twitter

Dustin Diaz talks about the shortcomings of jQuery, explains how object orientated coding can help your javascript and discusses testing your code.

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Nudge your users in the right direction

We all want our users to do something. Unfortunately we cannot force them. However, we can give me a nudge in the right direction.

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  • Hey great episode! -From the states

  • yes great episode . from the states

  • Dustin Diaz – In order to constructively criticise a framework, especially one that so many developers love (jQuery) – it would be helpful to other developers if some concrete and credible points were prepared before the interview. Otherwise, one might be excused for thinking it was nothing more than a whinge session about producing cleaner code.