213. Getting all emotional

Paul Boag

This week on Boagworld: Stephen Anderson on emotional design, I review the iPad and we talk fonts, flash and fotos.

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Two quick pieces of housekeeping…

  • Following my battles with Facebook last week, I can now announce we have a Facebook Fan Page. Please join it. We are going to include loads of exclusive content there so you will miss out if you don’t.
  • There will be no show next week because of the bank holiday weekend here in the UK. Normal service will be resumed the week after. Use the time to read Made to Stick. Its a great book on communication and is better than another jQuery tutorial!

Web Design News

This week: Things I discovered at Future of web design, google open source web fonts, using flash to fill in the gaps and choosing the right image.

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Stephen Anderson on Emotional Design

A chef in a restaurant wants his food to be more than edible, he wants it to be delicious. As designers we should want our websites to be more than usable. Stephen Anderson shares techniques for delighting our users and ensuring they love our sites.

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Is there a business case for buying an iPad?

So you want an iPad, but is there really a business case to buy one? As a freelancer can you justify the cost? As a website owner will you be able to persuade the boss?

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