216. Thanks for all the fish

This week on Boagworld: Chris Coyier talks CSS and more, we say goodbye to the boagworld podcast and ask what can you listen to now?

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Web Design News

This week: The Boagworld Podcast goes off air, how to design better and faster, using stories in your design ideas and how to think from a users perspective.

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CSS Trickster Chris Coyier

Chris Coyer is best know for his work on CSS-Tricks a ever growing web design community. However, as you will discover in this interview it isn’t just limited to CSS.

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What am I meant to listen to now?

Although the Boagworld podcast will return with a new format in 6 months, the question still remains – what are you mean’t to listen to now?

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  • I just found your podcast last week and I’ve been learning quite a bit from the subjects you’ve covered. Sorry to hear that you are suspending your podcast, but lucky for me there is a rich archive of episodes I can enjoy. I might be caught up by the time you resume podcasting.

  • …large friendly letters…
    Even your goodbye for now is welcoming! THX for all your wonderful materials. Great show. Great 200th anniversary. Great content. Great BOOK!
    I will continue to follow your presentations. Hopefully you will post links here at boagworld despite presentations residing elsewhere in the universe.

    Friday evening now => Gargleblaster, here I come.

  • Great ending, thanks for such cool, useful show.
    Will follow your endeavours on Twitter, I love when Relly references her kids as thing nº 1 or 2. And I’m amazed of how much you british people talk about the weather, we have a very variable weather here, but no one actually tweets about it… maybe because earthquakes are the thing here! (still)

  • Oh noes. I love listening to you guys at work, makes me feel like I’m in a creative agency rather than a cubicle! Cheers!

  • Dan

    Hey Paul,

    Thanks for all the great episodes!

    All the best.


  • The Andy Rutledge comment is here in the comments: https://boagworld.com/business-strategy/design-by-committee

    It was actually someone else who suggested that a post Andy wrote (http://www.andyrutledge.com/where-wireframes-are-concerned.php) disagreed on the showing wireframes approach, Andy’s own comment just clarifies that he doesn’t essentialy disagree and his post is talking about a differnt context.

    I’ll miss this podcast! Just nerd enough. Looking foward to what comes next.

  • Paul, Marcus & everyone – thanks for the great run – you will be missed. I found every episode to be informative and entertaining – touching on all the important aspects of a holistic client based web design experience. I will hope for your victorious return to the airwaves in whatever format that may take in the future. And if you’re ever in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – the first round is on me.

    Susan (Marketing & Communications – Modern Earth Web Design)

  • I have listened to all of your podcasts. You will be missed. Richard from Toronto.

  • Hey Guys,

    I just found the Boagworld Podcast right after the 200. Episode, from then on i listened to every episode and i even listened to about 30 – 40 episodes from before while taking the train.

    Thanks for all the fun and all the stuff there was to learn.
    Hope you’ll have a Comeback

    Cheers from Germany (rather Belgium at the moment)

  • Oh BTW:

    it was a pleasure to kick you out of the world championship!

    you’re welcome ;)

  • so long… for now!

    gets the jonses

  • BobM

    Oh nooo. I just found Boagworld and now its going on hiatus. I guess I’ll just listen to the 200+ episodes in the archive. I love the show and I’ve only listened to maybe 3 episodes. I hope it will be a great break for you all while I listen to your entire library of content. This was a great episode and I really do like Chris Coyier and Css-tricks.com so it was a great last interview.

  • Jason

    All good things come to an end. It’s just as well, your podcasts were getting progressively worse and more a waste of time. However, thanks for all your good work, there certainly were some wonderful gems in there.

  • MarkSingapore

    /cry I’ve been a regular listener for, ooh, almost since the beginning I reckon. So.. my first comment in all that time, long overdue, has to be a big ‘Thanks guys’. It was a great podcast & I look forward to whatever you do next. All the best!

  • I usually dislike comment sections, and I hate participating in them.

    But I just found out today you guys were ending the podcast and just had to say thank you for the show. Humor, charm, and knowledge… it was perfect :). Thanks guys, look forward to your next project.

  • I’ve been listening for about 2 years. Thanks for all the great podcasts Markus and Paul!

    It’s a great idea and an amazing opportunity to take a well-deserved break. I couldn’t help but think that with such a large lisntener-base (I’m assuming), and paying sponsors, one would imagine that the podcast would be inherited by other BoagWorld members, staff or web specialists?

    From a business perspective it seems like such a shame for this to go on hold for 6-months to forever?

    In any case, thanks for the priceless information and good luck in new endeavours!

  • Thanks for wonderful weekly podcasts the community is forever in your debt. It’s agencies like this that make a difference in the world especially for the young and upcoming agencies like Nvision Detail.

    Hope to see you return soon!

  • Wow! Just seeing this now. Boagworld is an institution and is an amazing podcast. You guys are great. Congratulations on what you accomplished so far. I am glad to read you’ll be back in a bit. Having left some projects recently, I understand the need to pause and adjust!

    Thank you for the mention of the SitePoint Podcast. Saying that we “are the closest in style to Boagworld” is definitely something we’re glad to hear.



  • Scott H.

    Honestly, I am panicking!!!!

    I admit that I have not been listening lately as my itouch has changed my habits and I have been lazy about updating it.

    Ok. So that is why I stopped listening as much. That is my good catholic confession.

    I will have to listen and read up. With that said, You guys have been my mentors and I owe every good direction I ever took in web design over the years to you. You opened my eyes to standards, CSS and let me know something existed besides table based design.

    You are my friends.

    Sorry about the delayed response.

  • Just wanted to say a late thank you. Being buried in project work my self with a new baby in the house my podcast listening habits have been dreadful. Fantastic podcast, thank you for all work, the laughs, the christmas episodes, but especially the wealth of web knowledge by two charismatic chaps. Far and away the two hosts I would most like to share a pint with. Hope to see you back soon.

  • Nice podcasts. Unfortunately I found this after it had already gone off the air. At least the older podcasts are archived.


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