Geek dinner and interview

Paul Boag

After battling through rain, snow and bitter winds I finally made it to last nights geek dinner and it was the best evening I have had out in a long time.

Admittedly I don’t get out anymore, what with a young son and all, but nevertheless this was a brilliant evening. It was wonderful to meet so many people who had never heard of boagworld but were willing to humour me anyway!

We talked about podcasting, the sub culture of geekdom and given half a chance the meaning of life, the universe and everything. For a more detailed synopsis check out Tom’s post on the evening

Thanks to Ian and the guys at geek dinners for all their hard work and also to all the people that made it such an enjoyable evening. Apologise to those I didn’t get to chat too and a particular thanks to Sheila who was unashamedly promoting boagworld in a way that even my inflated ego found embarrassing.

By the end of the evening I found myself cursing the fact I live in the middle of nowhere and won’t be able to attend all the upcoming dinners. However, I will be back and if you can make it to London then I definitely recommend coming along.

Dustin Diaz Interview

In other news the interview I did with Dustin Diaz for his Podcast is now online. We suffered from the worst Skype connection ever, with huge time delays but its still worth a listen with us covering a huge range of subjects.

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