Podcast 18: When to upgrade?

Well, Christmas is over and our new year’s resolutions are long since broken. However, it is not all doom and gloom. The boagworld podcast is back and this week Paul and Marcus are discussing the thorny subject of when to redesign your site.

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  • Ruth

    Great to have you guys back. One little thing, Marcus does get a wee bit too quiet. I was listening today at my desk and even with the volume up to max I could hardly hear him at some points.

  • Yeah that is because the aging pop star doesnt know how to hold his mic properly! He forgot to bring the mic stands so his mind is obviously going too.

  • Rowland

    Have listened to a couple, has given food for thought about doing something similar for QGate. Most people can listen to this at their desks if not actually on an iPod, so why not. Thanks for a great idea.
    By the way you are getting better at this, looking forward to the new improved ping!

  • Hi Rowland,
    glad to hear we have inspired you and that we are getting better! We have found a very effective marketing tool as well as great fun to do. I presume you have read my recent article on podcasting on the Headscape website?

  • Waffle on! I enjoy the early minutes of banter as a warm up. Would hate a change that had you providing tips,review, (techno babble) upon hitting play.
    Agree that the cast is great and a worthy listen.

  • Hi Gregg,
    glad you enjoy it. To be honest I dont think we could do it any other way. I dont think I could get through a podcast without being rude to Marcus and talking rubbish!

  • Simon

    Is that Marcus doing the widley widley on his guitar in the background then?

  • oh yes simon, unfortunately it is :)

  • Nora Brown

    Paul, I like your idea of start-to-finish web development podcasts. One topic I would be interested to hear about is how a web designer can get her clients to tell her what they really want from a website – both aesthetically and functionally. Getting this established up front isn’t easy (sometimes clients don’t even know what is possible on the web), but would make everything easier in the long run. What kind of questions do you ask? Do you look at examples of existing sites, etc.?

  • Hi Nora,
    glad you like the idea. However, as I have said before this podcast is produced primarily with the client in mind not the web designer. With that in mind I am not intending to cover techniques for dealing with clients. After saying that however, we are going to have an episode on success criteria which is about encouraging clients to consider what they want from their site.

  • Gentlemen –
    Love your podcast – glad to see a little structure to the show, but don’t cut out the pre-show banter – it’s always good for a few chuckles. Keep up the good work guys.
    Paul – forget the mics and stands. Get some quality headsets – they act as a wonderful monitor for you – that way we can hear Marcus!

  • I absolutely love the show and I’m learning so much, however they’re a few broken links to some of the articles that I wanted to read one being (http://www.boagworld.com/archives/2004/07/is_it_time_to_u.html)

  • Five Sticker Rides

    Love listening to these classics. Does Marcus still have his bike? Ross.