Podcast 27: Pragmatic accessibility

Paul Boag

How do you make sure your site is accessible while avoiding “design compromises” and ensuring a healthy return on investment? This episode of boagworld.com focuses on applying accessibility theory to real world scenarios.

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Main feature: Pragmatic accessibility

Back in episode 10 of boagworld.com, we looked at the basics of accessibility. We asked why accessibility is important, how it is measured, and the theory behind its implementation. However, accessibility theory can often be leagues apart from the everyday reality. In the real world, accessibility has to find its place alongside design and marketing requirements, technical constraints, usability considerations and business drivers. This week’s show looks at how accessibility works in practice. We encourage web site owners to move beyond simply conforming blindly to WAI standards but rather examine the needs of their target audience and developing the right accessibility solution for them.

Accessibility resources

In our web resources review section, we look at what help is available online for those interested in improving their sites accessibility. In particular, we highlight two incredibly useful resources:

Accessify.com is the leading site on web accessibility. The site has a friendly forum, which is a great place to start for those exploring accessibility for the first time. It also has some excellent articles but probably most useful of all it has a brilliant tools section, which really helps overcome some of those accessibility barriers.

Accessibility business plan
The W3C have produced a compelling business plan for improving your sites accessibility. If you need convincing about the business benefits of accessibility or have to convince your manager then this is a great place to start.

Techno buster: XHTML vs HTML

This weeks techno buster is more "techno" than "buster" as it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of moving from HTML to XHTML. However, in the tradition of boagworld.com we do make a point of explaining what the difference is first!