Podcast 30: The flash debate strikes back

Last weeks show (the great flash debate) generated so much interest and so many comments that we have decided to do a follow up show looking at the feedback we have received.

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Paul’s constant blunders

In what is becoming a regular feature, Paul kicks off this weeks show by apologising for his various blunders over the last couple of weeks. He explains his bizarre interpretation of the WAI guidelines as well as doing a complete u-turn regarding macs, now that boot camp has been launched.

Technobuster: CSS Hacks

In this weeks technobuster section Paul and Marcus discuss CSS hacks. What are they? Why do we need them, and possible ways to avoid them? In particular they discuss the problems with Internet Explorer and ways to avoid hacks by using conditional comments.

Main Feature: The Flash Debate Strikes Back

Paul and Marcus were slightly concerned that some listeners had misinterpreted their position on flash so felt that it was worth clarifying a few points. They look at good and bad examples of flash as well as discuss some of the feedback they have received over the last week.

Web resource review: Robert Nyman

If you are a web developer Robert Nyman’s blog is a must read. He covers all kinds of web design related issues and recently wrote a very interesting article about Flash and Internet Explorer. If you are a web site owner it is important that you are aware of recent changes in the way flash is implemented in Internet Explorer. For more information on this issue for web site owners visit the Headscape website.

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  • john

    Hi Paul im listening to your podcast n i recogn you shouldnt feel to bad about the mess upwith the WCAG guidelines as they are breaking there own rule they are far from easy to understand and if an experienced designer like you is unsure about all of them the what chance do us novices have becausebwe dont get taught accessibility when learning to be a website designer on a course so how can we make accessible site when we arent even taught as well as know one is 100% sure what the guideline mean
    love the podcasts and thanks for the email about conditional constraints on IE the other week it helped alot

  • Loved the follow up to Flash, Paul & Marcus. One little note to clear up something said about the having to click Flash to start it up in IE, there’s already several fixes out there already although they do require JS to work from what I understand.
    Also, just a follow up to my previous comment about Marcus: it was strictly his lack of technical experience with flash that concerned me.
    Keep up the good work, we appreciated it (even the flash guys and gals among us :) )

  • Fellas,
    Brilliant show, as always. I’m a long-time listener, first time commenter. But you forgot to mention on thing about Flash I think we’ve all dealt with at one point or another. It falls into Paul’s reasons against…
    the word “Loading”
    If ever there was a reason to learn CSS, AJAX and just plain HTML, its because of that single little word. My two cents – or pence, as the case may be.

  • Hey Paul and Marcus,
    I would love to promote your show on my blog. Hell I tell all my nerdy friends about your podcast. If you want to get your subscription base up, give us a link that points to subsciptions on iTunes. TWiT has a whole bunch of links on their site for iTunes subscriptions (and a bunch of others as well). I don’t subscribe via iTunes anymore. I just download it straight from this website.
    I think a reason why your subscriptions drop is because many people do what I do. Find you on iTunes, subscribe, cut of the subscription, and then just keep downloading it straight from the site.
    I’m not sure if you fellows have axe body spray, but everytime i see this commercial, it reminds me of you two.

  • Debbie

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for the email response, the acknowledgement of what I hoped were decent thoughts, and for doing the podcast in the first place.
    For those listeners who might be interested I had written Paul and took the opposite argument on platform and browser than what he had suggested in the podcast. If when we design we don’t want to exclude the minorities: the disabled, minority operating systems, and/or minority browsers we might be better off to experience things from the minority point of view. In my position, I find as a minority user I am more apt to look for solutions and consider all users than those typical Win/IE only, “big” developers because I so often find them myself in my travels around the internet. I even went as far as to suggest that the Target web site designers were probably within the “big” developers group, not to mention those that chose to defend Target in the discussion forum he mentioned in a previous podcast.
    Of course for me it is easy to look at it from a minority point of view because I use the minority platform and browser (take your pick, they all apply) most of the time.
    I think the last comment I made was in regard to his expectations of Safari becoming more popular than Firefox with Windows users who make the switch. I could be wrong but I expect switchers to download and use Firefox because I suspect they would be the Windows users who were already using Firefox and not going along with the IE norm.
    My question I’d like answered on a future podcast is how much sleep do Paul and Marcus get? I don’t know how they can keep up-to-date on all the web design work, reading and surfing, writing, watching TV, and having a family life and still find time to do a podcast. It’s killing me all the catching up I’m trying to do with outdated knowledge and I don’t do half of what they do.
    Your humble fan, Debbie

  • John

    Hey Paul,
    I have to say debbie has a good point how do you two do it? I mean it must be far from easy to do all that make and edit a podcast and still have time for a social life?
    Either way keep up the great work

  • The way we do it is by seeing things like the podcast and learning new stuff as part of our job. The podcast is a marketing method for headscape. It generates leads and raises the profile of our work. As a result it is done in work time on the companies dime. As for keeping on top of the evolving industry then that is VERY MUCH key to the success of any web development agency. If you dont keep up you die, simple as that. A large part of my role in Headscape is staying on top of what is new. Me spending so much time on this stuff is a strain on the finances of Headscape but its the only way we can ensure our longterm survival.

  • Keir Smart

    I am not a fan of Flash for a business web site and most are. Here is a web site [take the enhanced experience] that is possible the most beautiful I have ever seen. I regard it as an mystical/almost religous experience. However time how long it takes you to work out what the web site is about? Do not anticipate seconds, consider minutes or possibly never!
    As a piece of art is is wonderful. As a website with a purpose it is a disaster. One side of me loves it, one side hates it. If only I could operate in stereo!

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