Podcast 30: The flash debate strikes back

Paul Boag

Last weeks show (the great flash debate) generated so much interest and so many comments that we have decided to do a follow up show looking at the feedback we have received.

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Paul’s constant blunders

In what is becoming a regular feature, Paul kicks off this weeks show by apologising for his various blunders over the last couple of weeks. He explains his bizarre interpretation of the WAI guidelines as well as doing a complete u-turn regarding macs, now that boot camp has been launched.

Technobuster: CSS Hacks

In this weeks technobuster section Paul and Marcus discuss CSS hacks. What are they? Why do we need them, and possible ways to avoid them? In particular they discuss the problems with Internet Explorer and ways to avoid hacks by using conditional comments.

Main Feature: The Flash Debate Strikes Back

Paul and Marcus were slightly concerned that some listeners had misinterpreted their position on flash so felt that it was worth clarifying a few points. They look at good and bad examples of flash as well as discuss some of the feedback they have received over the last week.

Web resource review: Robert Nyman

If you are a web developer Robert Nyman’s blog is a must read. He covers all kinds of web design related issues and recently wrote a very interesting article about Flash and Internet Explorer. If you are a web site owner it is important that you are aware of recent changes in the way flash is implemented in Internet Explorer. For more information on this issue for web site owners visit the Headscape website.

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