Podcast 35: An interview with Andy Budd

Paul Boag

This week on boagworld.com Paul chats with Andy Budd, author of CSS mastery, founder of clear:left and “international” speaker. Paul and Andy discuss the state of web design, working with clients and a bit about Andy’s background and expertise.

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Despite what I may like to think, myself and Marcus don’t know everything which is why we felt it was about time we started to get some other web professionals on the show.

In the first of what will hopefully be a regular series of interviews with different web designers, I speak to Andy Budd. Andy is a prominent figure in the web design community and is well known for his book on advanced css as well as his personal blog. However, Andy is also a founding member of clear:left the web development agency which arranged last years grass roots web 2.0 conference; d.construct.

Myself and Andy discuss:

  • How Andy got involved in web design
  • Why he is passionate about it
  • The general state of industry today
  • clear:left and how it came about
  • Andy’s book on Advanced CSS
  • How web designers should keep up with our constantly evolving industry
  • What web managers should be focusing on over this year.

Coming soon

Our next interview will hopefully be with Aral Balkan who is an expert in flash applications. With any luck he will be able to put me in my place regarding this overly criticized technology!

In the meantime be sure to download next week’s show where we look at the basics of creating a solid information architecture.