Podcast 40: atMedia – Applying the lessons learnt

Paul Boag

Paul and Marcus discuss the recent atMedia conference on web design. How do the subjects covered by the leading lights in web design apply in the real world, on websites that don’t have limitless budgets and funky web 2.0 functionality.

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Although the atMedia conference is always the highlight of the web design calendar (if there is such a thing!) the subjects covered don’t always easily apply to the day-to-day reality of running or building websites. atMedia provides a look ahead at emerging trends rather than practical solutions for the here and now. Of course this is a generalisation and so not the case for everything covered. It should also not be seen as a criticism of the event. However, for this podcast I wanted to look at how the lessons learnt from atMedia can be applied to our websites today, rather than in a year’s time. With that in mind we look at what website owners needs to take away from atMedia right now and start applying to their websites. We also discuss the key areas that web developers need to concentrate on over the coming months, based on the emerging technologies showcased at the event.

The show is largely based on an post I added to the boagworld website at the end of this year’s event. To view the areas we cover in the podcast, I recommend you read the post:

atMedia: Real world application

Also in this week’s show

Also on this week’s show we discover the mystery of mircoformatsand provide a more thorough review of Ian Lloyds book: "Build your own website the right way using HTML and CSS"