Podcast 41: Building better forms

Paul Boag

This week on boagworld Paul and Marcus discuss how to create better forms and how to avoid damaging your search engine rankings when launching a site redesign.

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Forms are the primary method visitors use to interact with your site. They are used for everything from logging in to completing surveys. However, despite their importance, they are often not given the attention they deserve. In this week’s show we look at how to improve the usability and accessibility of your website’s forms as well as recommending some great resources on the subject.

The discussion about forms is based on a post I wrote a while back on getting forms right. If you want a blow by blow account of what was covered in this episode then that is the place to start:

Getting online forms right

I also go on to highlight three excellent resources for those interested in improving the forms on their site. The first is a site called simply accessible which provides some wonderful advice about ensuring your forms are as accessible as possible, especially for those using screen readers. The second site I recommend is an article from particle tree on 10 ways to make better forms. Although similar to my own post on the subject the content does differ so it is worth a look. Finally I also recommend you check out Form Assembly, that allows you to create and host forms while receiving responses via rss and email.

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