Podcast 49: d.construct & web services

Paul Boag

This week Paul reports from the d.construct 06 web conference and interviews the likes of Jeffrey Veen, Andy Budd, Ian Forrester and Jeremy Keith then endeavours to wade through the jargon to discover the real benefits to your business.

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The d.construct web conference was awesome. Anytime you get to meet up with other web developers and discuss the future of the web, it is sure to be an inspiring experience. Add to that a great line up of speakers and it is guaranteed to be a memorable day.

I went to the conference knowing very little about web services and with some real concerns about their viability in a real business environment. However, a day spent chatting with other developers and listening to the speakers, not only educated me but also made me very excited about the potential.

I spent most of the day interviewing, however only a fraction are used on the show. Audio quality was a constant battle and background noise a real issue. However, there is loads of great stuff and I have tried to piece it together in such a way that it introduces you to the potential of web services as well as providing you with a sense of the day.

Also in the show…

Also in this week’s show, we review the upcoming book releases from Friends Of ED with Chris Mills (their senior editor). We look at the target.com accessibility case, review a great article by Chris Heilmann and tell you everything you ever wanted to know about designers.

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