Podcast 50: Question time

Paul Boag

It’s over to you.

On this 50th episode of boagworld.com we turn the tables allowing you the listener to set the agenda. Based entirely on listener submitted questions we cover the future of boagworld, top tips for podcasting, working with javascript libraries and whether tables and web standards can be combined.

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Thanks to everybody who sent in questions for the show and thanks too to all of you who have support boagworld over the last 50 episodes. Both myself and Marcus have been overwhelmed by the encouragement and feedback we have received. It is our hope that the next 50 episodes will see the show grow and include more of what you guys have to say, rather than our endless waffle. We really want to build up the comments and questions segment of the show as well as adding a decent forum to this site. So, if you have a question, comment or request for the show then send us an MP3 file through Odeo:

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But what do you want?

What about you? What would you like out of the show? What should we be covering? What needs changing? What should we be sure to keep? Let us know by posting a comment.