Podcast 50: Question time

It’s over to you.

On this 50th episode of boagworld.com we turn the tables allowing you the listener to set the agenda. Based entirely on listener submitted questions we cover the future of boagworld, top tips for podcasting, working with javascript libraries and whether tables and web standards can be combined.

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Thanks to everybody who sent in questions for the show and thanks too to all of you who have support boagworld over the last 50 episodes. Both myself and Marcus have been overwhelmed by the encouragement and feedback we have received. It is our hope that the next 50 episodes will see the show grow and include more of what you guys have to say, rather than our endless waffle. We really want to build up the comments and questions segment of the show as well as adding a decent forum to this site. So, if you have a question, comment or request for the show then send us an MP3 file through Odeo:

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But what do you want?

What about you? What would you like out of the show? What should we be covering? What needs changing? What should we be sure to keep? Let us know by posting a comment.

  • Yes! Thanks! The 50th Podcast is here, well done for keeping this up guys, ive been with you since I got my iPod in christmas, and Its the only Web Design podcast, infact, the only podcast I really look forward too. Keep up the great work! And… dont take out ALL of the waffle!
    I have learnt a great deal from Paul, and Marcus; to anyone looking here for the first time, i’d say get all of the podcasts… (well… from when marcus arrived :P), because I find them pretty invaluable. I cant wait for some more great topics to be covered, and Im looking forward to listening podcast 50… right now!
    Once again, Paul and Marcus, keep it up!!

  • On the Talk Like a Pirate Day website… i find the keyword meta tags pretty amusing :P

  • ahh you lost my question to the abyss. It was in audio and everything ;-)

  • Nightmare! Sorry about that Ross. Can you resend it to me. I will use it in a future show.

  • Hey buddy… it looks pretty good! I like the usability of it much better. I am not so much a fan of “Full Screen” sites… but whatever… it is ok.

  • Sure! I sent a copy to your boagworld, headscape, and even markus’ headscape e-mail just in case ;)

  • mrv

    Thanks for another great podcast i really enjoy this podcast i learn from you guys keep it up

  • Simone

    Hi guys.
    I am an Australian web designer + female. Just adore your pods – keep up the GREAT work!

  • Matthew Jeanes

    Thanks for making it to 50 I have listened to all the shows and it really inspires me and keeps pushing me forward to make better sites.
    I have learnt so much from the shows on my commute to work I can’t tell you.
    One criticisim though, your pirate accents were awful :) It was more farmer than pirate. I thought at one point you were going to tell us about your “brand new combine harverster”
    Thanks again guys.
    can’t will til 100

  • That’s fighting talk Matt! Let’s see you do better… go to Odeo and record your own pirate greeting. Then we will see who is better.

  • Not to just conform to the general feeling, but much as many people may not want to admit, I religiously listen to the podcasts mainly for the banter and cordial verbal battles between Paul and Marcus.
    In any case, what is a podcast without fun and personality? We already have books and audio-books, so keep them coming!
    oh! and yes, the info is also useful ;)

  • Ooooh… looking forward to meeting you at SxSW. We should plan a Boagworld group thing, yes? Maybe put something up on Upcoming.org?
    Congrats on the 50th too, guys – job well done. I’ve been listening since the very first episode and am not going anywhere.
    And yes, I’ll record something really nice for you guys as well, once I get the chance.

  • Great idea Anton. Of course I havent even thought about booking yet. When can you book tickets and from where? I really should look into this!

  • Thanks for your answer to my question about JS libraries, and even more thanks for pronouncing my name correctly this time :-)

  • [MC]

    I agree with Matthew, I didn’t even notice you were talking like a pirate Paul… Whether that’s because pirates were from the West Country or because you are a pirate I’m not sure :)
    Seriously though, congrats on the 50th guys. I’m still listening even though you’re not forcing me to any more… praise indeed.

  • Yes praise indeed! If you ever fancy being on a show give us a shout. We would love to have you on again Mark. Obviously the new guy is much better than you but we miss having somebody to slave drive.
    As for the pirare thing… well I am still waiting for somebody to do a better job!

  • Arrrrr!
    Me love the podcarrrrst. Ye!
    I wish ye the bestest for the future.
    Shiver me timbers!

  • Aussie John

    We know your all for web standards and the like, but hearing you pod cast made me think that there’s one thing your missing. Re-Use. Being able to take what you have done already and applying it in appropriate situations.
    I know you have your base css style sheets which you apply to everything you build but are there any other areas you try to reuse what you have done in new situations.

  • Steven Hagen

    Like the podcast but it the new podcast player is it possible to increase the contrast of the amount of the show that has loaded slider. I spent several moment fussing with the play button before I realized that the show was loading. It was odd due to the fact that I would hit the play button and nothing would happen. a loading first minutes of the show icon might be nice to.

  • Yeah Steve, its not ideal. Unfortunately I have no control over the look of it. I am working on finding a better option.

  • Sorry I’m not doing an AUDIO message – my microphone isn’t working. I hope you get some mp3’s in the next few weeks….
    Thanks for making the podcast. I teach computer classes to 175 kids per day in a middle school and we have a lot of fun. I am a complete amateur at web design — I made a little website for my students to use and it’s handy for that purpose, but I have a long, long way to go. When I grow up I’m going to be a REAL web designer. LOL I’m learning a lot from you guys.
    My question is whether “Practical Web Design” magazine is going to be too far over my head, being a beginner, or could I learn some things from it? I don’t know if the price will be worth it to me. What’s your opinion?
    I thought it was funny that someone mentioned enjoying how you two insult one another. It’s like a kinder, gentler version of Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington — but only so much better and with far less profanity. The only question is, which one of you is Karl, Paul or Marcus? ;~)
    Congrats on turning 50! I like the new look on your site.

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