Podcast 52: Javascript Libraries

Paul Boag

This week on boagworld.com we talk to Dustin Diaz about Javascript libraries, discuss other web design podcasts, launch our web design forum and help you get started with Microformats.

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In the news


If you are interested in getting started with Microformats then check out the excellent ebook on Microformats by
Brian Suda
. He has also been kind enough to share a Microformats cheat sheet for free.

Microsoft and the BBC

This week saw an announcement by Microsoft and the BBC that they are exploring ways of developing [the BBCs] digital services. As you can see the announcement is somewhat lacking in details. However, this is potentially a huge development and could lead to some interesting online services.

Searching rich media

This year’s demo conference saw pluggd announce an amazing new feature that allows you to search inside of podcasts. This is symptomatic of a growing movement to ensure that rich media content is searchable. Other players in this space include Veotag and Podzinger.

Questions and comments

This week’s show included two excellent audio questions from listeners.

The first was about the open source forum software I mentioned a few weeks back called Vanilla. This led to a discussion about running online communities, the integration of Vanilla and my hopes for the new boagworld forum.

The second question was about what other podcasts I would recommend. Below are the list of the one’s I mentioned on the show. However, you can find a more comprehensive list of web design podcasts by going here.

Main feature

The main feature today is an interview with
Dustin Diaz
about Javascript libraries. Javascript is becoming increasingly important as web designers produce ever more powerful web applications. But, how do Javascript libraries fit in? Do they enable rapid development or are they simply a crutch for those that can’t be bothered to learn the language?


There are so many great website applications around these days, many of which allow you to add their functionality to your own site through web services and APIs. The problem is that it is hard to discover what exactly is available. This week on boagworld we review three sites that help you do exactly that: