Podcast 55: Ecommerce 101

Paul Boag

Payment gateways, secure transitions, order fulfilment. Ecommerce can be a confusing subject. In this week’s show we are joined by Eric and Ben from the eBiz Vodcast.

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With Ben and Eric being almost as talkative as myself and Marcus, I am not even going to try to document all that we covered. The main topic for this week’s show was basically an introduction to setting up of an ecommerce site. We looked at some of the more confusing aspects such as payment gateways, fulfilment and credit card transactions. However, we also reviewed shopping cart software and discussed the top 10 things that make or break an online shop.

To learn more about ecommerce I highly recommend you subscribe to the EBiz Vodcast. Ben and Eric are excellent presenters that are both informative and entertaining. If you enjoy Boagworld you will love their show.

Also in this week’s show

We discuss the acquisition of YouTube by Google. We also cover the launch of IE7, which is impressive has it hadn’t been released when we recorded the show. And finally we discuss the web development survey released by SitePoint.