Podcast 57: Afraid of Standards?

This week Paul and Marcus are joined by Ben Henick author of an excellent article about standards found on the List Apart website. Together they have a frank and open discussion about the downsides of designing with standards.

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First of all let me apologise to those of you who were expecting this week’s show to be about online communities. Due to sickness and too much work I didn’t have time to prepare everything I wanted to cover. So instead of giving you second best I thought I would bring forward my interview with Ben.

I know a number of you are sick of me talking about standards but I am sure that this week’s show will be a pleasant change. Instead of me waffling on about the benefits of standards we take a look at the problems faced by web designers when moving across to tableless design.

The show is largely based on the article Ben wrote for A List Apart so I would highly recommend you check that out too.

You might also want to check out Ben’s personal site, his business site or learn more about his involvement in the Web Standards Project.

Also in this week’s show…

We discuss various problems in the new generation of browsers including IE7 zoom and Firefox 2 access keys. We look at the concept of website constitutions, review the definitive article on HTML and I share my trepidation at the upcoming Refresh 06 conference.

Finally we take another look at David McFarland’s book CSS: The Missing Manual following his interview on Inside the Net.

  • Billy

    I subscribe through itunes, don’t know if it’s just me but I haven’t been able to get the last two (56 and 57) through itunes and have had to download manually.

  • I got 56 OK via ITunes. Haven’t tried this one yet.

  • iTunes is terrible for this type of thing. Best bet is to unsubscribe and resubscribe.

  • itunes is working well for me, i have had no problems. if you have any problems you can right click on the podcast and select update and it should sort its self out.
    great podcast, good luck in USA :)

  • I get it through iTunes, and it works without fail if not a bit slow.
    GREAT podcast Paul, even though the forum kinda kicked at it a bit! Really good, and I love the honesty which apparently Ben uses.
    Will have to take a trip to a list apart!

  • Hi all. I think it was this podcast where you two tried counting types/versions of browsers (sorry, I listened to 4 in a row) and thought 10 was a good number. Many years ago as I was making cases for standards and accessibility where I worked I went to the Netscape browser archive. I found 300+ different versions/languages. The IE archive at that time was not so accommodating so no total available there. Still, developing to the standards does do the “body” good.

  • An other thing that I don’t like about the new IE is that it’s not supported on Windows 2000!