Podcast 60: Return on investment

Paul Boag

This week on the boagworld podcast we look at why return on investment should be at the heart of our approach to website development.

I know what you’re thinking; “not the most riveting subject”. However, don’t let that put you off. Although return on investment might not float your boat, it is still extremely important and you should take the time to listen to this show.

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This week’s show is largely based around elements of my keynote at this year’s Refresh conference. We discuss how the web design community fails to engage with its clients on a business level spending too much time talking about code and design. I challenge us as a community to start talking the language of business and focus our intention on return on investment.

In particular we cover:

  • What is return on investment?
  • Defining how ROI will be measured.
  • The short term and long term aspects of ROI.
  • How to maximise your returns.
  • The need to look for the simplest solution with the highest return.

In the news…

We have loads of news in this week’s show including:

Also in the show…

Marcus gets out the guitar (if only briefly), and we talk about how you can contribute to next week’s Christmas special. We look at what unobtrusive Javascript is and give some practical examples. Finally we investigate some of the latest postings on the forum including a debate about presenting designs to clients and a discussion about how developers try and blind clients with technobabble.