Podcasting and prizes

Just a quick post covering a couple of housekeeping notices about changes to my podcast RSS feed and a free ticket to SXSW. I promise I will get back to posting on web design real soon!

Podcast feed

Several people have complained that my podcast RSS feed has not been very accessible recently. As a result, I have been through it with a find toothcomb and cleaned the whole thing up. I have also rewritten a lot of the entries to make them easier to read. I hope that will solve the problems people have been having.

Get the boagworld.com podcast feed

Free ticket to SXSW

The guys over at geekdinners.co.uk have managed to get their hands on a free ticket to South By South West, probably the biggest web/tech event of the year. They will be giving the ticket away to one lucky person at the boagworld.com geek dinner on Thursday 23rd February.

Visit geekdinner.co.uk for more information on how to enter

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  • I know what you mean about cleaning-up RSS. It’s such a pain to re-learn how to type into your feed, eh? I’ve cleaned mine up as well, taking-out all of the apostrophe’s [lol] and ampersands. feedvalidator.org is a godsend!