Practical Web Design

Paul Boag

A number of you have been in touch with me about the upcoming “closure” of the Practical Web Design Magazine and how that will affect the podcast I do for them. In order to avoid any confusion I thought I should explain myself.

Basically there are going to be some fairly major changes to Practical Web Design Magazine over the coming months but it isn’t as simple as it closing down. The problem is that PWD and .net are both produced by the same publisher and contain very similar content. .net is very popular here in the UK while PWD is popular in the states.  

The decision has therefore been made to essentially close PWD (including the PWD website and forum) and replace it with .net. However, due to its popularity in the states the PWD name will be kept although the content of the magazine will fundamentally be the same as the .net content.

Confusing isn’t it! I am sure there must be a similar solution but I can understand their desire to keep the names people recognise.

So where does this mess leave the PWD podcast? Well the official line according to the PWD website is:

The Practical Web Design podcast will continue as a .net presentation.

Quite how this will work out in practice is yet to be decided. Basically, the show will continue but we might change the name and the format a bit. Personally, I feel the show could do with a bit of a shakeup in order to distinguish it more from the boagworld podcast. I have loads of ideas about what we could do but I need to meet up with Dan Oliver (The Editor of .net) to discuss them first. Hopefully I will be able to share more after my meeting with him on the 29th.