Show 62: Glitches

Paul Boag

This week we discuss handling difficult requests from clients, the upcoming boagworld meetup and when to redesign your site. Jeremy Keith also shares his thoughts on when and where to implement Microformats.

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News & events

Marcus and I cover four news stories this week:

Boagworld Meetup

There is going to be a meetup of boagworld listeners in central London on the 25th January. If you fancy joining us then please sign up on the website.

WebDD Conference

On Saturday the 3rd of February 2007 Microsoft are holding a free conference in Reading specifically targeting web developers and web designers in the United Kingdom. Speakers include Patrick Lauke and Bruce Lawson. To sign up visit the WebDD site.

Web Directions North

The Web Directions conference comes to Vancouver between the 6th and 10th of February. The line up is absolutely superb. If you are on that side of the Atlantic I would highly recommend making the effort to attend. More information on the Web Directions North site.

Now you can digg podcasts now offers a great way to find new podcasts. The service is still in Beta so site registration is required, however you can view the most popular podcasts, see what comments people have made and even vote for your own favourite podcast (hint! hint!).

Agony Uncle

The agony uncle section is a new part of the show where we encourage you the listeners to write in with your web design problems. In this week’s show I tackle a forum post by Amorphic that asks how to deal with clients that want ridiculous things on their website. I look at avoiding confrontation, understanding the clients’ requests, and how to justify your position.


Each week we are going to review a book, article, product or conference and this week we look at an article by Jason Santa Maria on working with corporate colours. It’s an excellent article found on the 24 ways website and I highly recommend you take the time to read it.

Client’s corner

In the new client’s corner segment Marcus discusses the unique challenges faced by website owner. This week he starts with the basics… how do you know when to redesign your website. This topic is largely based on an article about redesigning I wrote a while back, so you might want to check that out.

Ask the expert

As part of the new structure we are asking you the listener to send in a question that you would like posed to a web design guru. This week I pose a question I have been having about how to implement Microformats to Jeremy Keith.