Show 67: Marcusworld

Paul Boag

This week Dan Rubin looks at the design fundamentals and Marcus continues his series on the statement of work.

This week on the Boagworld Podcast, Dan Rubin looks at the design fundamentals of white space and page layout.  Marcus continues his series on the statement of work, while Paul explains openID and tackles the HasLayout bug in Internet Explorer.

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News and events

Keyword forecasting

Last week saw an interesting new tool released by the Microsoft Adcenter Lab. The keyword analyser is an experimental tool which allows you to see predictions of future searches on specific keywords. You can compare the growth of multiple keywords and even get basic demographics on who is searching on these terms. I am not sure that this tool is actually that useful, however it is strangely compelling nevertheless.

Introduction to the DOM

Chris Heilmann shows us a sneak peek of his upcoming DOM scripting workshop in a 10 minute  Screencast. Although not enough to get you started in DOM scripting it will certainly help you grasp the underlying principles.

Lessons in freelancing

As Cameron Moll prepares to leave the world of freelancing he shares his experiences from the last 18 months on his blog. Cameron gives a valuable insight into the lessons he has learnt and I would strongly encourage any freelancers to take a few moments to read it.

Jonathan Snook on CSS

When it comes to CSS we all work in slightly different ways, which is why it is always interesting to get an insight into somebody else’s approach. This week Jonathan Snook shares his top CSS tips and it is nice to see he has added some controversial tip bits.

Clients corner: Statement of work (technologies)

Marcus continues his series on the statement of work by discussing what needs to be said in the documentation about technologies, training and content population. He also looks at the hidden costs associated with hosting and how it should be handled in the contract.

Ask an expert: Dan Rubin on white space and layout

I remember sitting behind Dan at a conference once watching him work on a design (when he should have been listening to the speaker!). It was fascinating to see how he approached user interface work so I thought it would be great to get him on the show to talk about the fundamentals of design; white space and layout.

Agony Uncle: HasLayout

This week in the agony uncle segment we look at the HasLayout bug. In my experience this one bug creates the majority of problems that we encounter in IE. It’s an amazingly hard bug to explain and yet fortunately relatively easy to fix. I explain what it is and what problems it causes as well as looking at some possible solutions.

Review: Open ID

This week saw the announcement by Microsoft that they are going to start supporting Open ID. We take a look at what Open ID is, how it works and why you should consider implementing it on your own site. Most of what we cover is also tackled in Simon Willison’s excellent Screencast on Open ID.