Show 67: No Show

Paul Boag

Hello and welcome to what should be the 67th episode of, the podcast for all those involved in designing, developing and running websites on a daily basis. However, unfortunately there will be no show this week.

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Following the success of the client’s corner section of the show Marcus feels that he should have a high profile within the podcast. He has therefore asked that the show be renamed MarcusWorld and that he gets to go on all of the jollies and conferences instead of me. Unsurprisingly, I am uncomfortable with the arrangement feeling that this undermines the hard work I have put in to build up the boagworld brand.

The situation has reached a loggerhead where neither I nor Marcus are willing to continue with the show until the issue is resolved. We are currently in mediation and hope to resolve the problem shortly.

Go on admit it, I had you going for a moment there didn’t i! No the real reason for there being no show this week is that I am currently off of work and our workloads are too extreme to reschedule.

However, rest assured we will be back next week with a bumper episode. If you are new to the show then you can listen to our back catalogue. If you are a regular listener then you will have to get your boagworld fix by replaying this message 100 times.

Thanks for listening and speak to you soon.