Show 70: SXSW

Paul Boag

This special episode of boagworld comes direct from SXSW. Paul and Marcus interview a whole host of webcelebs including the founder of Twitter, Ryan Carson and a gaggle of panellists.

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So here I sit in my hotel room at SXSW. Last night was the British Booze up and what a superb evening it turned out to be. In fact the conference as a whole has been incredibly enjoyable. I have been fortunate enough to meet some great people and attend some superb panels.

However, putting together this podcast has been much more challenging. The problem is that it could so easily become tedious if you didn’t manage to attend, full of in jokes and pointless drunkenness.

What we have aimed to do in this week’s show is give you a taste of the SXSW experience. So yes, there is some pointless drunkenness but there are also panellists talking about their presentations and sponsors speaking about their products. We have also tried to give you our own personal opinions of the show. We discuss exactly how useful (or not) the conference is and whether it has simply become too big.

I am not even going to try to produce normal show notes for today’s episode. Partly because the show is somewhat random and also partly because at the time of writing Marcus is still hacking the final format around. However, I am sure you will forgive this unprofessionalism on our part considering we both drank far too much at last night’s party!